Honey Citrus Tea

easy fall honey local recipe

Honey Citrus Tea - Perfect for chilly fall afternoons. 

It's so simple and made with easy to find ingredients. 

Honey Citrus Tea ingredients


Honey Citrus Tea 

Serves 1


16 oz very hot water

1 minty - citrusy tea bag (I use Celestial Seasons Tension Tamer)

1 herbal peach tea bag (I use Bigelow Peach)

1 single serving lemonade mix 

Reeder Creek Farms Honey, to taste (I use about two glugs)



1.  Pour half of the hot water into your mug.  Add in the lemonade mix and honey.   Stir to dissolve.

2.  Fill mug with rest of water.  Add tea bags.  Steep 4 - 5 minutes, then remove.   Add more honey,  if needed.

3.  Enjoy!

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