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It's so hard to pick scents on the internet!  How do you know if you'll like it if you can't try it in person?

I know choosing our soaps and lotion bars just based on the description can be hard.  So I created this handy guide to help you find the perfect fragrance.  And let me know if you need a recommendation!  We have fragrances to suit almost every taste.

If you're looking for something FRUITY

  • Bright citrus with a hint of flowers...Flint Hills Sunshine 

  • Tropical and fruity...Mango Smoothie and Mango Smoothie REMIX 

  • Very sweet and a fruit salad...Girls Weekend

  • Mild grapefruit...Poppin' Pink

If you're looking for something MASCULINE

  • Cedar and woods with warm spices...Bonfire Nights 

  • Vanilla, but not sweet at all...Harvest Season

  • Slightly sweet honey with smoky undertones...Honeycomb 

If you're looking for something FLORAL

  • Sweet vanilla and floral lavender...Grandma’s House 

  • Lots of different flowers, like walking through a botanical garden...Pasture Wildflowers 

  • Mildly floral and also earthy...Power Up Purple 

If you're looking for something with WATER

  • A salty walk on the beach (without fish odors)...Lake Day

  • Stepping outside after a thunderstorm… Prairie Thunderstorm 

If you're looking for something FRESH and GREEN

  • Walking into a greenhouse...Hay Meadow 

  • Fresh and minty, but very mild...Spa Day

  • Bright, minty, and slightly herbal...Go Get 'Em Green

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