Where does the name come from?

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Where did the name, Reeder Creek Farms, come from?

So on the farm, there is a creek.  My sisters and I spent a lot of time playing there as kids.  Everyone always just called it "the creek".

The creek marked the east property line of the farm my great-great grandfather started in 1883.  We still farm it today.

Grain buns at sunset on a farm

When I was looking for a business name, my dad told me he had found the name of the creek in an old plat book.  So Reeder Creek Farms was born.

The bees complement our operation and thrive on the farm.  I love selling the honey and beeswax soaps, lotion bars, and lip balms directly to you.  

I'm so glad you're here.  Come back to learn more about bees and see what else we're up to on the farm.


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